Forgotten One Shines On The New Single ‘Him’ Blending Hip Hop with R&B

Forgotten One Blends Hip Hop with R&B

Hip-Hop/R&B Recording Artist Forgotten One is from San Antonio, TX. Professionally, he signed with Bentley Records & is also an official scout for Bentley Records.
Forgotten One’s on a mission to show everyone what he’s capable of! He makes music intended to motivate and inspire his listeners. He uses his own past experiences and struggles as his fuel to achieve success and success will be his best revenge!
“May be forgotten, but never too late to make them REMEMBER!”

Artist Forgotten One

“May be forgotten, but never too late to make them REMEMBER!”

Forgotten One
Listen to the latest release ‘Him’ by Forgotten One
‘Him’ Is The Latest Release

‘Him’ is the latest release by Forgotten One and the track is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Available on all digital platforms, the track is a delightful mix of Hip Hop and R&B and works extremely well backed by his vocals. ‘Him’ was produced by Adrain Vasquez and was tracked & Mixed at Audiophile Media Group Studios. “I can’t hold back / I can’t stop it / I can’t focus / I can’t lock in / No it’s not me / It’s not who I’ am / How do i know / if I’m not him” he raps on ‘Him.” Writing and recording this track was very personal for Forgotten One. “’Him’ was inspired by everything I deal with inside including my daily thoughts and it’s basically a personal conversation with myself. The message of the song is we all have negative/bad thoughts but at the end of the day we’re not defined by our thoughts, but rather by our actions!” he said.



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