Make Music for NYC’s Frontline Workers


Make Music New York is proud to support NYC Artist Collective Tenth Intervention for a massive, city-wide music performance.

“For Our Courageous Workers”

Wednesday April 29, 2020 at 7pm

During the nightly cheer for our frontline workers.

Our goal is to attract over one thousand participants to perform the newly conceived symphonic fanfare “For Our Courageous Workers” from windows, doorways, balconies and rooftops and fill our city with sounds of thanks and hope. 

Musicians of any and every level — beginners, youths, amateurs, and professionals — are encouraged to participate with voices, strings, brass, winds, keyboards, drums and household items. 

Help us to spread the word today! Share the attached flyer with your friends and colleagues and post the event on your social media channels. Together we can realize this grand, communal music project as a way to unite all New Yorkers in honoring those who are risking their health for all of us. 

Additional co-sponsors include The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, HONK NYC and Sing in Solidarity. To become a sponsor of this celebratory event, email us at “For Our Courageous Workers.”


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