Chloe X Halle ‘Do It’ Big with New Single

Chole X Halle have a lot to celebrate these days with their new single “Do It” climbing up the charts and their album “Ungodly Hour” is set to be released on June 5th.

Watch The Official Video “Do It” by Chole X Halle

The official video for “Do It” was directed by C. Prinz and the choreography was delightfully set up by Kendra Bracy and Ashanti Ledon. “Do It” is a nice R&B track that keeps you in rhythm with the melody vibe of the lyrics. The lyrics “I’m just wit the crew We ain’t out here looking for boo Cause some nights be better with you It’s a homies only kind of mood And tonight we on a hundred One hundred No drama, no baby mamas, keepin’ it cute” are fine tuned on the pre-hook. The ‘finger snaps’ are an added bonus to the song. Sometimes less is more and the track works well.

“Do It” by Chloe X Halle Available on all platforms

Pre-Order ‘Ungodly Hour before it drops on June 5th

Listen & Download “Do It”


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