Music Pioneer Andre Harrell Dies at 59

Music Pioneer Andre Harrell has passed away at the age of 59. DJ D-Nice broke the news to the world overnight (May 9th) and the details surrounding Harrell’s death are still not known and haven’t been released. Andre was raised in the Bronx and loved everything about music. He got into Hip Hop as aContinue reading “Music Pioneer Andre Harrell Dies at 59”

Riley & Babyface Failed to Live up to The Hype on Instagram

The Instagram Live battle between Teddy Riley and Babyface last night did not live up to the hype due to technical and audio issues, especially with Riley. Originally scheduled for 9PM, viewers were having a hard time hearing the sound. The Epic battle faced challenging issues almost from the start. At 10PM fans were toldContinue reading “Riley & Babyface Failed to Live up to The Hype on Instagram”

Babyface vs Teddy Riley

Singer, Songwriter and Producer Babyface reports he is on the road to recovery and wants the world to know that the infamous Instagram Live battle with Legendary Producer Teddy Riley and himself will take place. Babyface, who real name is Kenny Edmonds, celebrated his 62nd Birthday on Friday. He took to Instagram to thank hisContinue reading “Babyface vs Teddy Riley”