John O. is ‘Classic’

A Rockin’ Tribute Track to LL Cool J

Hip-Hop Artist John O. is back with a new single “Classic” and the song is receiving airplay on SiriusXM’s ‘Rock the Bells’ radio. ‘Classic’ is the first release off The Upcoming Album ‘The Making of Johnollie.’ The Video ‘Classic’ (J.T.S.) was directed by Andrew G. and is a tribute to LL Cool J, who John O. grew up admiring. Check out the video below, which is also airing on ‘Video Music Box.’

“Throughout all the ups and downs, you stood the test of time; for me you will always be a GOAT in my mind”

John O. ‘Classic’

This track, simply put, is dope as they come. The beat is smooth but rocks to the melodic rhythm to his lyrics. The dee jay scratching adds the perfect blend to the ‘Classic’ chorus. The play by play storytelling of his favorite hero growing up is ‘Classic.’ This is a can’t miss for your listening pleasure. Download this track on your favorite format.

The track is available on the following formats:

Apple Music






Twitter @JustJohnOllie

Instragram @johnollie

Facebook @johnollie


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