‘Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ by John O. Sizzling New Album Release

John O. Delivers Full Length Hip Hop Album with R&B Appeal

Hip Hop Artist John O. released his new album ‘Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ on Friday November 13, 2020. The 15-track album kicks off with the ‘Conversation with Jay O’ Intro. John talks with his young son about starting their journey of moving from Los Angeles to a new place, Lawton, Oklahoma. The album then kicks into gear with the popular first single ‘Old Thing Back’ featuring Prince Jay as track #2. The album features appearances by Ike Tha Writa, Breana Marin, Jay O, D. Prince, D. Rose, Jamie B., Niles, Priest Forever, Marshella G, Affion Crockett and Lakeith Rashad. The album is available on all platforms.

Watch the video for the 1st Single “Old Thing Back”

The album ‘Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ succeeds on so many levels. The vocal delivery by John O was perfectly thought out, written and executed on each track. Musically, each track is backed by music that gives each song its own identity. ‘Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ gives you Hip Hop in todays format as well as that Boom Bap from back in the day. In addition, their is an R&B element that resonates with the Hip Hop Theme throughout the album that can be strongly felt by the features of Breana Marin and Ike Tha Writa.

“Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ also reunites John O. with his Hip Hop partner Priest Forever from their group THA GECKO BROTHAS on the boom bap track ‘Rapathon Alumni’ which also features Niles. The album was produced by Dopeboyzmuzik, DJ Pain 1 and Dreamlife Beats and Mixed and Masterd by FYU-CHUR. The second single from the album will be ‘Drawing a Blank.’

The album ‘Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ by John O. will quickly grow on you and before long you’ll have it on replay. Song after song, you will feel John’s emotions through his up and downs, from lost love to found love and his triumphs in life as well as his love for his son and Hip Hop. “Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ is a MUST HAVE! Download your copy today.

Download ‘Lawton: Tha New Chapter’ by John O. HERE


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