3Mind Blight Returns with Smash New Single ‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ featuring Clare Estelle

Tulsa Rocker 3Mind Blight returns in a flurry for his follow up single to ‘Breaking Down’ with his new single ‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ featuring Clare Estelee, which was released on Friday October 2, 2020. The collaboration between 3Mind Blight & Estelle will make you feel soul, hip-hop with a rock appeal and the ‘Pain’ will drip into your veins. This is a really great indie record. New fans and long time supporters have given rave reviews for the new single as many internet and radio stations have jumped on the single early eager to play the new song. In addition, ‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ has been added to numerous playlists on Spotify, a sign that many people are behind the record and support it.

“So many times, I’ve tried to deny / all these feelings that I have inside / tried to lie to myself saying that your somewhere else / but I know that its just my pride”

3Mind Blight Lyrics

The Rock infused raps by 3Mind Blight blend well with the vocals of Clare Estelle and ‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ is effective at painting a picture of what he’s going through. The song is short by music standards as it’s only 2 minutes and 6 seconds long but uses every second to mesh the beats, lyrics and rhythms together to truly let you appreciate the song. The song tells the story through music about love and the loss of love. In a world full of the unrequited comes a story filled with Love / Hate admiration. Listening to the lyrics, you’ll feel 3Mind Blight’s Pain, Misery and the love/hate relationship has him going insane inside.

3Mind Blight as an artist, produces music by a feeling or emotion. Stylistically the genres change according to his mood. 3Mind Blight has been consistent in putting out great music for some time and has another hit on his hands with the new single ‘Pain Won’t Go Away.’ Looking forward to seeing 3Mind Blight do some live shows when the world gets out of this COVID Pandemic. Until then, enjoy the sounds of Tulsa’s 3Mind Blight on all digital platforms. Highly recommended to download on your favorite music platform.

LISTEN TO ‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ by 3Mind Blight

‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ by 3Mind Blight

Listen, Stream & Download ‘Pain Won’t Go Away’ by 3Mind Blight featuring Clare Estelle on your favorite music platform here


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SONG LINK https://song.link/s/29UyYwI0QOdVIFYoNImHG3




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