Moana Tela Releases Hot New Single ‘Searching 4 Me’

Putting Austin On The Map

‘Searching 4 Me’ is the latest music release from the talented Moana Tela. The Austin, Texas based multi genre artist Moana Tela aka M.O.E officially released the song on May 23, 2020 and the song is finally starting to catch fire. Her video for her previous release ‘Coffee’ was nominated for ‘Austin Hip hop Awards’ “RnB Video of the YEAR” for 2019.

Born Moana Tela in American Samoa located in the South Pacific Ocean., M.O.E which stands for Music Over Everything was inspired by her love of diverse music. While visiting her Mother’s Island of Fiji, she helped shape her outlook on music in a significant way. She realized the power of great energy expressed through music and was always prepared to perform. Although it was traditional to listen to Island jams she was more interested in American Music. She was influenced mostly by Hip-hop, Pop, Rap, RnB and Rock although Reggae was the most popular sound on the Islands. The vibe was always the same, very chill happy melodies that make you feel deep sensations. Watch the video to ‘Searching 4 Me’ below and feel the vibe of Moana Tela.

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] ‘Searching 4 Me’ by Moana Tela

“You may think that I’am love, but I’ve been Searching 4 Me”

Moana Tela

Life is an adventurous journey of tremendous ups and downs. Along this journey we often seek fulfillment in the form of success or love. As we follow our dreams and aspirations, this journey defines who we truly are. As time goes on you realize all along that we were searching for ourselves. “You may think that I am love, but I’ve been Searching 4 Me” – Moana Tela

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