Crucial Heartbreak Finally Gives You That R&B/New Jack Sound of the 90’s That You’ve Been Missing

Crucial HeartBreak 1990’s • The Un-Released Record • Features Ralph Tresvant

Crucial Heartbreak (CHB) is an American R&B Group that formed in the 1990’s hailing from the West Coast. These Bay Area friends came up with their name from merging two song names from their mentor, Ralph Tresvant, from the New Edition ‘Heartbreak Album’. The members of Crucial Heartbreak are Danny “Double D” Dillman, Danny “Diamond D” Bell, Michael “Trell” Tyler, Billy “Billy T” Teuscher and Prometheous Lee. These cats put together some of the best R&B/New Jack Swing and Pop Records in the mid-90’s and had enough material to put together an album. Unfortunately, after turning down a few offers, the album was never officially released. However, good things come to those who wait and after all these years, Crucial Heartbreak’s unreleased album will be available for everyone to enjoy on Friday July 17, 2020 and their new single ‘Baby You’ will follow on August 7th. The album features the signature sounds of the 90’s heyday with New Jack Swing, R&B, Pop and signature ballads. New Edition lead singer and solo artist, Ralph Tresvant is featured on these original recordings.

These Classic Recordings Were Meant To Be

I caught up with original member Danny Dillman and he talked about the upcoming release of the ‘Unreleased” Music and the new single “Baby You” which will be available on August 7th. The group origins of ‘Crucial Heartbreak’ started through their first group called ‘Til Tonight.’ “Our first group was called Til Tonight’ and then Billy, Dan and I created the group ‘Crucial Heartbreak” Dillman said. “We created the group for our love for New Edition and we were trying to come up with a name so that’s what we did; we put those two things together” he said. New Edition’s ‘Heartbreak’ album featured the songs ‘Crucial’ and ‘Heartbreak’ and the rest is history for Crucial Heartbreak. As luck would have it, they would go on to meet Ralph Tresvant in Fremont, California thanks to originally linking up with R&B group Troop. “CHB member Diamond had a concert in San Jose, Troop and Tony Terry were on the show” Dillman said. “We performed on the show, Billy and I did background vocals and we met Troop backstage and they invited us back to the hotel in Fremont.” The members of CHB met up with Troop at the hotel and some of the members of Troop mentioned that Ralph was also staying at the hotel as well. “What! We love Ralph! We told them that’s how we named our group, after them” Dillman said. Tresvant and Dan Dillman would go on to become great friends. “When we met through Troop, we just connected. The first thing he said to me is ‘Where is there some good fishing places around here’ Dillman says while laughing at that memory. “We went fishing and became great friends. Of course through the love of music and pow wowing, I shared with him the music I had been working on” Dillman said. Ralph would go on to give Dan and the members sound advice and eventually got together to make quality musical creations. “At first it was Ralph working with me and wanting to help me, but I had my group, so he became fond of all of us and really appreciated and liked what we were ALL doing and he got on board” Dillman said. The recording process was really something that will never be forgotten by anyone involved. So much was put into it. “It was magical, it was so much fun. The different places we recorded these tracks. There’s a lot of history and memories that we created” he said.

The Unreleased Album Finally Gets Released

On Friday, July 17, 2020, fans of that vintage R&B/New Jack sound will be in for a treat. The Crucial Heartbreak album will finally be available for everyone, EVERYWHERE! “This Friday is the record that we did together, all of us, and Ralph as well” Dillman said. “Ralph is singing on the songs with us. It’s really awesome that we get to share it officially. Whether we sell one copy or a million, it’s not really the point. It’s more about the history and the meaning for us and the memories we had creating it, on that project” he said. The Album ‘Crucial Heartbreak 1990’s’ Featuring Ralph Tresvant, was never officially released to the public in The 90’s, but now the world can listen and enjoy the Sounds Of 1990’s R&B from Crucial Heartbreak. The song was available for a very short time on back in the day. Listening to this album, you’ll get that classic sound with this release. “We always were R&B” Dillman said. “We modeled ourselves after New Edition. CHB was wanting to be that R&B/Pop group that could be seen as part of the East Coast Family” Dillman said referring to Michael Bivins’ BIV 10 East Coast Family. “That was our pursuit in a sense of being recognized as a group from the West Coast creating both R&B and put out some great music and people would like and enjoy” he said. “We created music from our souls.” The album was written and produced by the members of Crucial Heartbreak. Matthew Shack helped out with producing on the track ‘She’s a Little Cutie” and Ralph Tresvant is featured throughout the album. The album features 13 tracks and some of the stand out tracks are ‘Tell Me What’s On Your Mind,’ “The Thangs You Do,’ “Aint No Cassanova’ and “Coming Home.’ At the end of the day, the group members are happy that the pubic will finally get the chance to hear their musical creations. “Back then, when we did it, I just felt man, if people had the opportunity, the masses to hear it, they would think that this is some cool stuff” Dillman said.

New Single ‘Baby You” August 7th

Crucial Heartbreak, “CHB”, Is Still Producing And Creating Music So The World Can Expect Brand New Music From Crucial Heartbreak In 2020 And Beyond. Their new single ‘Baby You’ will be available August 7th on all digital platforms. “The new single has a cool vibe to it that says ‘hey,’ here’s something from us that’s current and you’re gonna get more from us” Dillman says. “It definitely highlights our vocals. It’s a new record. We’re working on a new album. We plan to have 10-13 new songs. The songs are made for today” he said. The new single and upcoming album features all the original members of Crucial Heartbreak.

In addition to still making great music, Dan Dillman bought the historic BAL Theatre, an Art Deco-style landmark in San Leandro, CA. The theater has attracted well-known live acts, such as R&B greats like Tevin Campbell, Ralph Tresvant and rapper Too Short. The BAL Theatre serves the community as well as giving artists a platform and venue to perform.

If you’re a fan of that classic R&B/New Jack Sound, ‘Crucial Heartbreak 1990’s” album is a must have. Download Your Copy and own a piece of history. #CHB

Written by Robert Mitts @ROBNEHISTORIAN

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