ScrilltownMO Making Moves with New Single ‘Been About The Bag’

The Kansas City Hustle

Mr. ScrilltownHimself (formerly known as Feddie Scrillz/Mr. Feddie) started writing music at 9 years old. During his early teens he participated in talent shows and songwriting competitions around the area of Kansas City. At the age of 14, with the guidance of his aunt ( who resided in Los Angeles, CA) he was offered a developmental deal from MCA Records. At that time, he decided to reject the opportunity and stay in Kansas City to further his career in music. After graduating high school, he decided to shop himself as an MC and began his journey in music. He began writing and recording songs with the help and advice from childhood friends and relatives Rico Ricardo, Scario Andreddi, Big Scrill Will, DJ Rice, and Greedy.

‘You Been Sayin’ by ScrilltownMO featuring REKKA

For approximately 3 years he began to package demo’s and started sending them to major record labels, along with industry executives, with hopes of one day signing a major record deal. After falling short, he decided to start his own independent record label. Royalty Mob Records was then created in 2002. Royalty Mob Records consisted of: Feddie Scrillz, Big Mase & Phat Daddi (of DVG), K’Dosia, Lyrikal KingPenn, as artists. Along with a host of steam team staff, and promoters. In 2004, they released the compilation album “Runnin’Mates 2004 which was distributed locally around the midwest area (Kansas City, Jefferson City, Omaha, and Iowa). The label then went on to promote the album by doing shows in the Kansas City, Lawrence, and Omaha areas. In 2006 the label released the highly anticipated mixtape “High Rollin’/Legal Hustle. This mixtape included a host of upcoming artist who included : Marley Young, Yungazz D-Locsta, Murda Manson, MP3, as well as all of the artist on the Royalty Mob Records roster. In 2007, acting as the (CEO), he decided to part ways with the label, and began a new career outside of music.

Management, Consulting and Fashion

Fast forward to January 2020, he decided to start a new management & consulting company called ScrilltownMO. This was an idea he came up with while being the CEO of Royalty Mob Records. ScrilltownMO is a company that caters to their clients. They offer artist development, artist management, A & R consulting, promotion, and marketing. In addition, they have the capabilities to run as a label by releasing albums/projects. At the same time of the launch of ScrilltownMO , Scrilltown Clothing Company was born. Scrilltown Clothing Company represents.. Money, Music, & Fashion. The latest single by ScrilltownMO is the banger ‘Been About the Bag.’ The New Single is from the upcoming mixtape “Bag Money”, featuring RudeGal 4.0 & TreeHigh Codeine. Take a listen and “Run them numbers up!” Scrilltown is changing the game with Music, Management, Consulting and Fashion all under one umbrella.

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ScrilltownMO Presents ‘Been About The Bag’

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