3Mind Blight is “Breaking Down” The Indie Scene with New Single

Rap Influenced Rock Track

Oklahoma Artist 3Mind Blight has released a rap influenced rock/metal track called “Breaking Down” and the record is exploding in popularity. As an artist, 3Mind Blight produces music by a feeling or emotion. Stylistically, he changes genres according to mood and often times several genres are blended into each new song. He has written and produced songs in the form of Rap, Rock, Metal, Orchestral, Film Scores, Beats and Instrumentals. 3Mind Blight is also the Force behind The Alt Rock/Metal Band DeadEyeChokeHold under the 3MIND BLIGHT MUSIC Label. In case you didn’t know, the man stays busy with his craft.

“Breaking Down” is Available on Soundcloud and All Platforms
New Single “Breaking Down”

“Breaking Down” is explosive right from the start, with the drum beat and guitar riffs pulling you in. Instantly, your reaction is to start moving your head up and down and get into the moment that 3Mind Blight has created. As a songwriter, his artistic approach works. He raps, He sings. The lyrics “I Feel the darkness closing in, I’m feeling lost inside myself” are deep and take you behind closed doors. The Chorus is filled with chaotic excitement as 3Mind Blight “Breaks Down” showing off his vocal ability in true Heavy Metal Form. At 1:24 into the song, a delightful breakdown occurs as the music goes into an eerie mellow seduction. He croons “We all break down sometime; It’s OK, to slowly lose your mind, to slip away” before getting back to full throttle. He goes from zero to 360 in a matter of seconds and blends rap inspired beats and rhythm for both his lyrics and music while bringing everything full circle with a Rock/Metal Sound. “Breaking Down” is the blueprint of how to make a successful record, and 3Mind Blight has done that.

3Mind Blight is from Tulsa

The single “Breaking Down’ is available on all Platforms. To Browse the Music of 3Mind Blight on your Favorite Music Platform, CLICK HERE


Twitter @3MindB

Instagram @3mindblightmusic

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