M-Tri & DJ Flux “Locked In”

M-Tri is a Triple Threat

From the Gravesend section of Brooklyn, New York comes M-TRI, the triple threat of emcee, DJ and Producer. M-TRI’s introduction to hip hop was through breakdancing and graffiti. Hearing the music of Roxanne Shante, UTFO, RUN DMC, The Fat Boys, LL Cool J and a few others was his early inspiration to start writing rhymes. After hearing artists such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Chuck D and KRS-One he decided to take emceeing seriously and started to develop his skill. The name M-TRI is taken from his birth name, Max Triolo. MTRI has become an acronym for Max Talkin’ Real Ism which was also the name of his debut album. With his honest approach of being himself, M-TRI’s music is positive, conscious and uplifting.

New Release with DJ FLUX

M-TRI (Brooklyn, USA) and DJ Flux (Prague, Czech Republic) team up on this collaboration called “Locked In” talking about the COVID-19 pandemic that is going on worldwide in 2020. This picture video captures the desolate streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Prague. Over a melodic and dramatic musical backdrop produced by DJ Flux, M-TRI delivers the news about this pandemic and the day to day routine of an artist forced to stay home during these uncertain times. M-Tri connected with DJ Flux when he was in the Czech Republic a few years back. They did a few shows together and became friends. DJ Flux was the Czech/Slovak DMC champion of 2015 and 2016. Check out the results of this fantastic collaboration below. Watch the video for “Locked In.”

M-TRI Is No Stranger to Hip Hop

Intrigued by scratching records and back spinning double copies of vinyl, M-TRI started on his quest to become a DJ shortly after his emceeing was in full swing. After learning how to blend records as well as the other fundamentals, he started spinning in venues around NYC and DJing for other local hip hop acts during their live sets. M-TRI’s catalogue of scratch hook work spans numerous recordings. Collecting records and digging for samples led M-TRI into production. His weapons of choice are the SP 1200 and the MPC 2000XL. He also makes original sample free work using Logic Pro. In 2009 M-TRI teamed up with DJ Leecy T and they formed the MC/DJ duo appropriately named M-TRI & DJ Leecy T. In 2015 they released their debut album, ‘Monday Morning Music’, to critical acclaim. Since 2013 they have been touring overseas in places such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany and France. In 2018 they released two 7” vinyl singles with 45 Live Records (U.K). They have shared the stage with many legendary artists including eMC, Large Professor, Rah Digga, Homeboy Sandman, Talib Kweli, Grand Wizard Theodore and Dana Dane. Currently M-TRI is working on a few projects with producers in Europe, DJ Leecy T and an instrumental album. You can catch him spinning at venues in NYC. M-TRI and DJ Flux will be releasing the second song, “Life Is…” next week. Stay Tuned for great music.



Facebook https://www.facebook.com/max.triolo

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/djmtri

Website https://www.mtrianddjleecyt.com

DJ FLUX https://www.facebook.com/DJFLUX.CZECH


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