‘Hope Design’ Spreading Message of Hope with Apparel

“I AM” Boston born. “I AM” Boston bred

Hope Design is a Lifestyle Clothing Brand that offers some of the hottest fashion out today. The journey of Hope Design began as a small project in Roxbury, MA in 2017. “We wanted to build a bond in our community while also bridging a gap amongst people from all walks of life. We find purpose in what we do. We find purpose in who are. Most importantly we find purpose in one another. We are a lifestyle brand spreading the message of HOPE in order to unify those around us. May it be through small acts of kindness or uplifting those around us to be their best selves. Through clothing, collaboration and conversation we wish to elevate our surroundings.  We are here to celebrate our differences and come together for a greater purpose. Welcome to the HOPE family” their website proudly displays. Hope Design is proud to offer Tee Shirts, for both men and women, Hats, Jerseys, Crew Necks, Aviator Jackets, Fleece Jogging Sweats, Shorts and Keychains. Please support Hope Design who is making a difference in their community. We must all learn to support local businesses.

Hope Design offers an exciting line of products for everyone. Visit Hope Design

“Whether we are from different neighborhoods or the same, it is important that we know the power we have as one. Rep your roots.” HOPE is stronger than fear.


Visit their website and look at some of the hottest clothing brands today!


Follow Hope Design on Instagram @_hopedesign

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