Social Media & Why You Should Use it

Living in todays modern world social media plays a big part in our lives. We all use it in some way shape or form. Some may use it for their businesses, Independent Artists use if for their music and branding and many use it for personal use, tailored to their likes. Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are just a few of the dozens of major outlets that lets you virtually come in contact with whatever you like. If you’re an independent artist, regardless of what genre, knowing how to use your social media accounts is crucial. Over the years, I’ve noticed many artists going nuts trying to obtain large following numbers. Having followers, actual people that follow you, is important but so is following them back and interacting with them.

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Building your brand is important. Using your social media accounts with your fans and customers is crucial. Like I mentioned above, the one thing that I never understood is how an artist or business has 18,000 followers but only follows back 240 of them. Do the other 17,000 or so not matter? Of course they do and that’s why you should be following everyone that follows you. It’s great P/R. One great rule of thumb is to post at least one thing everyday on your social media accounts. This keeps your content fresh and provides your fanbase with something to look at, browse, shop, listen to and potentially buy. Your potential fans or customers do not like dormant accounts, or accounts that do not post content for long period of time. This will cause them to less interest in your product or brand. Another important thing you can do is link your accounts together. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all offer account linking so you can link your posts to one. Remember to listen to your fans. Monitor their feedback so you can continue to deliver content that they are looking for. Anything you post is a reflection on you and your brand. Be professional and make the most out of your posts. Interacting with your followers is huge. Don’t just post content and move on to something else. Always respond and interact with them. This will bring you more fans and followers in the long run. Active social media accounts are always beneficial.

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Many Independent Artists remained focused on their craft. Time is money and often they are recording, writing songs and doing the ‘must do’s’ of being an artist. It’s not always easy to find time to actively promote your social media. If you find it hard to stay relevant and come up with content for your brand, you may want to consider hiring a social media manager for your account. Hiring a social media manager will free up time for you to focus on making music with the peace of mind of knowing your social media brand is staying active, providing relevant content and promotion of your brand. In addition to running your Social Media Accounts, companies like @djointpromotion who specialize in Social Media Management, can enhance your SEO, build and interact with your fanbase, submit your music to radio and promote your music or brand through their network of experienced music executives. Regardless of what company you use, if you are dedicated to your craft but find it hard to maintain your social media, then hiring a Social Media Manager should be a priority.

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Now get out there and tell the Facebook world what’s on your mind! Compose a tweet and let your fans know What’s Happening! Post your latest photo on Instagram…


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