Young D Drops ‘Away We Go’ EP

Donald Allen Jr is a 28 year old poetic hip hop lyricist from Houma, Louisiana. Allen, who goes by the stage name, Young D, has been making music since the age of 8. During the fall of 2006, Young D was told by Down South Legend Smoke D “The World is yours, just don’t be afraid to learn.” Young D took his passion for music to the next level by releasing his first mixtape ‘I’m a Beast.” After receiving positive feedback from his local community, Young D continued his musical journey by releasing a project every year since 2006, including his ‘Dreams vs Reality’ mixtape series; 2019’s ‘My Life Through Music’ album and his new project, ‘Away We Go” EP that was just released.

The New EP ‘Away We Go” by Young D is Now Available. Download your copy today on Apple Music

All of D’s musical efforts have created a loyal fan base that spans from the small bayous of Louisiana to the ears of music lovers all over the world. His ultimate ‘music’ goal is to stay true to the art of hip hop by moving the world with his words and speaking life into those who may find themselves hopeless. As a writer, composer and audio engineer of all the music he produces, D prides himself on making good quality music that speaks to all souls. Watch the video for ‘Soul Scriptures’ below directed by @iamdanieliv

The seven song EP ‘Away We Go’ will keep you moving from beginning to end and is worthy of a download. I’m a big believer in supporting independent artists because if we don’t, then you’ll be held at the mercy of the big dawgs. ‘Soul Scriptures’ is the first single from ‘Away We Go” and there is so much more on this dope EP. Look for the banger ‘Goat Flow” featuring Mochii Lotto to make some noise on the Hip Hop Charts. The track “Meditate’ features Keylo and has such an infectious groove to it that I wouldn’t be surprised if R&B Stations pick this one up. Young D’s lyric game comes full circle on the stand out track ‘Manifest.’ Young D speaks on a true story with the powerful ‘Story of Hope (Proud). If you’re looking for new music, look no further. Young D has delivered a hit with “Away We Go.”

‘Away We Go’ is Available on iTunes and Apple Music

“Away We Go’ is Available on Spotify. Download and Stream Today

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