LeVelle asks Why on his New Single

R&B/Neo-Soul artist LeVelle is back with his new single ‘Why’ which is currently climbing the charts, recently at #37. Click on the YouTube link to take a listen to ‘Why’ and watch the video. The single can found on his Album “My Journey’ which can be found on all digital outlets. On the heels of his previous two hit singles, “Bring Back the Love’ and “Go to Bed Mad,’ LeVelle has delivered another strong R&B Ballad with the single ‘Why.’ Program Directors at Radio should eat this one up. Follow @LeVelleBKC

The Exciting New Video for “Why” by LeVelle

The video follows several relationships with different issues. Showing that we are all one in the same. We have similar issues throughout life and at some point you find yourself asking Why? The key is to know your value, and don’t accept being treated in a way less than you deserve. Why is one of those songs that everyone can relate to whether you’re male or female; everyone at some point has been through ups and downs in a relationship where you just had to stop and ask yourself Why? Why am I going through this? Why have I put up with this so long? It’s one of those songs that help you to think about Why?


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