New Music from Ralph Tresvant: The R&B Ballad ‘All Mine” features Johnny Gill

Ralph Tresvant, the lead singer of New Edition, is back! But did he ever really leave us? After years of touring with New Edition, Ralph has released new music followed by an album late summer/early fall. The highly anticipated first single ‘All Mine’ is a duet with fellow New Edition member Johnny Gill and has everyone taking notice. The song was written and produced by Greg Paganini and was released on July 3rd, after having two release dates pushed back by Universal surrounding the COVID19 Pandemic. So many artists are being forced to deal with labels pushing back release dates. “All Mine” is a sizzling R&B Ballad that features Tresvants signature sound backed by Gill’s soulful voice on the chorus. They blend together perfectly like a well oiled machine. Ralph recently joined Gill on the Top 3 Hit ‘Perfect’ which can be found on Gill’s ‘Game Changer II’ album. New Edition hasn’t performed together since 2017 and Ralph has kept busy promoting his own brand, something he overlooked over the years due to the demands of being the lead singer of New Edition. Since then, Tresvant has enjoyed success touring around the country doing solo shows, as well as performing at concerts with Johnny Gill and other Top R&B acts. In 2018, Tresvant hooked up with Jazz Musician Mitchell Coleman to record his vocals on a new version of Michael Jackson’s ‘I Can’t Help It’ which is available on all digital outlets. He is also actively involved in his radio show ‘Inside the Ride.’ In 2019, Ralph received the Key to the City in Little Rock, Arkansas from the Honorable Frank Scott, Jr, Mayor, City of Little Rock after he performed at the Arkansas State Fair in connection with the Honorable Doris Wright, who played a pivotal role with the Mayor, Jason Anderson and The PAC West Group.

New Single “All Mine” Released July 3rd

“All Mine” is making a huge impact at radio. Tresvant is delivering in a big way.
Ralph Tresvant has delivered a hit to his fans and critics with his sizzling new single “All Mine.” Photo by @ROBNEHISTORIAN

Ralph Tresvant has released a sizzling R&B Ballad called “All Mine” which is currently climbing the charts. It’s currently the #2 most added record on Urban Adult Contemporary Radio. “‘All Mine’ to me is a statement record” Tresvant says. “It’s a grown folks record that says good R&B music executed properly always has a place in the music industry. It also shows that by addressing the subject of love never gets old.” Back on February 26th, The SoNo Recording Group (SRG) announced that they had signed Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill to separate record deals to coincide with Tresvant’s Noss’Tap Label and Gill’s JSkillz label. SRG announced that they would be releasing a brand new single ‘All Mine’ featuring both artists in June. In a statement released by SRG, CEO Claude Villani stated “We are looking forward to a long relationship with Ralph and Johnny and their companies. On the first single, ‘All Mine,’ fans can expect a soulful and hypnotic blending of two skillful artists” he said. Referring to the song ‘All Mine,” Villani said “It is one of those songs that when it ends you want to replay again and again.” Johnny Gill, speaking from his home in Los Angeles, is excited to be a part of it. “It’s so cool that Ralph is on the hook of my song “Perfect” and then I turn around and I’m on the hook of his song ‘All Mine’. We’re just a dynamic duo. I think people just love the chemistry we have as vocalists together is really truly like no other” he said. SRG has some big names on their roster. In addition to Tresvant and Gill, the label boasts a line up of Brian McKnight, Raheem DeVaughn, Avant, Vivian Green and Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman.

Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant backstage at Foxwoods Casino on March 6th. Photo by @ROBNEHISTORIAN / NE HISTORIAN

Since 1990, Ralph Tresvant has released three solo albums; his multi-platinum 1990 self titled ‘Ralph Tresvant,’ 1994’s “It’s Goin’ Down” and 2006’s ‘Rizzwafaire.’ In 1991, Ralph won the Best New Artist Award at the Billboard Awards. In February of 1991, Ralph joined David Foster and led an all star cast of superstars on the song ‘Voices That Care’ that featured Tresvant as one of the lead vocalists. The charity single was designed to boost the morale of our troops involved overseas in Desert Storm.

Ralph Tresvant’s new single “All Mine” is the second most added song on Urban A/C Radio

His catalog of hits include the #1 platinum single ‘Sensitivity,’ “Stone Cold Gentleman,’ ‘Do What I Gotta Do,’ ‘Rated R,” ‘Yo Baby Yo’ from the ‘House Party 2 Soundtrack,’ “Money Can’t Buy You Love’ from the ‘Mo’ Money’ Soundtrack, ‘Who’s The Mack,’ ‘When I Need Somebody, ‘My Home Girl,’ ‘It Must Be You’ and the beautiful ballad ‘Never Noticed.’ Tresvant was also featured on the 1992 #1 Hit ‘Best Things in Life are Free” with Luther Vandross, Janet Jackson and BBD. After receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from Soul Train and a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame with New Edition, the City of Boston honored Tresvant with a proclamation from Mayor Walsh declaring October 13th ‘Ralph Tresvant’ Day in Boston in 2018.

Ralph Tresvant received a proclamation from the City of Boston declaring it ‘Ralph Tresvant’ day in Boston. Tresvant celebrated with family, friends and a thousand of his fans in Boston on October 13, 2018. Photo by @ROBNEHISTORIAN / NE HISTORIAN

The announcement of new music has fans buzzing with enthusiasm comes to no surprise to anyone as Tresvant has been captivating audiences since 1983 when New Edition exploded on the scene. Not since Michael Jackson has an artist had that kind of magical impact on fans like Ralph Tresvant does. Whether it is a new record, a performance or an appearance, fans still come in droves to catch a glimpse of Tresvant. The mystique for Ralph Tresvant today is the same as it was during the height of his career with New Edition. He has always been the straw that stirs the drink. Despite all of the success and fame, Ralph remains humble and appreciates his fans. He never forgot where he came from and that’s just a testament of his character. So get ready music fans, ‘All Mine” by Ralph Tresvant featuring Johnny Gill will be available on all Digital Platforms on July 3rd. ‘All Mine,’ the ballad, is vintage Ralph Tresvant. The same guy the world fell in love with in 1983, he never left.

Article written by Robert “Smith” Mitts @ROBNEHISTORIAN

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15 thoughts on “New Music from Ralph Tresvant: The R&B Ballad ‘All Mine” features Johnny Gill

  1. I’m so excited to hear Ralph’s new joint. He’s a phenomenal artist and well deserving of the many accolades he’s received through the years.When I listen to him I feel the music that’s is his heart and soul and when he shares that part of him with his fans OMG it’s magic. God bless you Ralph Tresvant , I am your fan for life.♥️


  2. Ralph Tresvant is a legendary figure in R&B and Popular music. The world has been waiting for “The Voice” to elevate the collective musical consciousness and that time is now. The anticipation is palpable. His fans are energized and ready to mobilize to support our brand of classic sound and fresh takes on the traditional but distinctive vocal talent. NE4Life! Tresvant the Legend!


  3. Great article!

    My thoughts:
    -Really excited!
    -Really, really excited!

    Keep doing it, Ralph. I’m a fan for life! Yes, fanmily ❤


  4. This is such a great article. I have been his fan since 1983 and will be until I take my last breath. He has never disappointed me which means every dime that I have ever spent and will continue to spend was well worth it. He is my west coast pimp!!!!!! Lmao If his name is on it. I am buying!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainly because of the love his shows all of his fans!!!!!!!!!!! He is the best and never let success go to his head. Humble, Awesome and still sexy!!!!!!!! That is my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Ralph Rizzo Tresvant, is the best front man ever! Loved everyone of his albums, and very much looking forward to getting his new music. We (the fans) have been waiting a long time for it and I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. 2020 is definitely his time💖💖


  6. Solid performer in the studio and on stage. Excited to hear Ralph’s new music. Ready to dance to his uptempo songs and to feel the passion that he puts into his ballads.


  7. I’ve been a fan of rizz since I was nine years old and still a huge fan keep up the good work we love not wait to see you in concert again


  8. Mr. Ralph Tresvant. The smooth silky tenor voice and front man of New Edition. I fell in love in 1983. I dreamed about meeting you some day. I have had the pleasure of doing so a few times now, and you did not disappoint. The most humble and funny star I have met. I am so excited for your new project. I have NO DOUBT it will top the charts. You have given yourself completely to the group for so many years. Now it’s your time sweetheart. You deserve to have your light shine. I am with you all the way!!😘🥰❤️


  9. I’m ecstatic for the release of Ralph’s new single. His voice has been captivating us from the 80’s along with his humble personality.

    Ralph Tresvant has been the voice and frontman for the amazing group New Edition for decades so I’m really happy and excited to see him FINALLY stepping out to give us more of “him” on a solo project and hopefully an album soon to follow.
    I have been supporting the group since 1983. Ralph has ALWAYS been my favorite (even adopting him as my crush-husband 🤣🥰). My love for him hasn’t wavered in almost 40 years and I have no intentions of it starting now. I’m with Rizz for the long haul. His personality, Humility, and charisma makes sure of that.

    One day we may see him back on stage with his brothers BUT in the meantime, I truly love seeing Ralph out there on that stage doing “him” and loving it.

    He deserves his flowers and accolades NOW while he’s still here and I’m glad to be amongst his FAITHFUL Riders on this Tresvant Journey.

    Mr. Ralph Tresvant –
    “I’m With You All The Way”
    – Vizzle


  10. Ralph Tresvant all I can is this is your time. Step out on faith and make it happen.

    Looking forward to your upcoming release.


  11. I couldn’t be more Proud of Rizz. He’s an ‘all around’ great guy. handsome, skills on top of skills…and a heart of ‘gold’. May GOD Bless Every’ Endeavour. ♥️. #can’tWaitUntil7/3!


  12. Was so excited..then so disappointed.. yeah can understand a slowjam with Johnny on board but was hoping for some funk!


  13. As expected, Ralph “Rizzo” Tresvant did not disappoint his fans!! “All Mine” is a monster hit!!!! Excited to see how well it will do on the charts, but for me it’s already #1💖💖💖💖


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