The New John O Album

John O, one half of the Hip Hop Group THA GECKO BROTHAS, is back with a solo release named after his mother, Patricia. The lead single and video ‘Tonight (Harlem, Houston)’ kicks off the 13-track production that leaves you wanting more. John used a number of producers on this project to stay current. Stro Elliot, Dynomite Tony, Arsonist, Red Light Muzik, Priest Forever, DJ Curt, John Sportin and Inspirmentalist collectively worked on the ‘Patricia’s Son’ album. If you’re a fan of that old school vibe, this is one album you should check out. Click on the links below to listen to ‘Patricia’s Son.

John O has dedicated his life to Hip Hop and has recorded numerous albums with THA GECKO BROTHAS and several solo albums as well. Harlem born, John O is a true pioneer to the Hip Hop Community.

You can follow John O on Twitter @JustJohnOllie and @OfficialJohnO

Check out his music on Bandcamp at


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