Hip Hop Artist Rekka is making noise with her Debut Album. New Visual for ‘Talk is Cheap’

Rapper/Songwriter Rekka is riding high these days with the release of her critically acclaimed debut album “Hidden Gem. She truly is a breath of fresh air.

Straight Outta Portland, Oregon there is a superstar in the making. Hip Hop Artist and Songwriter Rekka has emerged onto the scene with her unique expression within the Hip Hop Culture. Many consider her to have her “own lane.” Growing up with a wide spread of musical influences around her, she’s able to appreciate the current wave of music today, as well as the classics in Hip Hop. An old soul combined with the new flavor that you can easily hear in her music. Her style, is much like, what some may categorize as a new female version of KID ROCK with the no nonsense sex appeal of PINK. Rekka’s not your average ‘gurly girl,’ though she is all woman, and she knows her way around cars.  She’s the happy medium that the industry has been waiting for.

“Hidden Gem” The Debut Album by Rekka

“Hidden Gem”

Her Debut Album “Hidden Gem” is her first big project that is available on all digital platforms. She has many projects in the making but has been focusing on pushing this album to reach its full potential. Since the albums release, Rekka has performed at a number of shows and you can see the confidence in her stage presence. Going state to state from the west coast to the mid-west area, she’s been making an impact at every venue she has played at. The current single from her album is “Talk is Cheap” and is quickly creating a buzz. “I’m gonna take my shoes off. I’ve never recorded in my socks before” Rekka giggles during the intro of the song. Quickly, the infectious groove hits and the rich lyrics from Rekka blend perfect with a melodic chorus. “Talk is Cheap” has crossover appeal with Hip Hop flavor. Rekka takes pride in her music, only working with artists that take music as serious as she does. All of her current material was recorded at Sloth City Studio with the Notorious DJ Zone. Rekka’s skills have put her on stage with the likes of artists such as Aaron Carter, Afroman, Lil’ Wyte, Haystak, UBI with Strange Music and Bone Thugs to name a few. Considering she is new to the game, she has fast tracked her way to quickly becoming a talent to watch. Her work ethic and humbleness speaks volumes to what she brings to the culture. In addition to ‘Talk is Cheap’ the album ‘Hidden Gem’ features stand out tracks like “Break it In,” “Coming for the Crown,” “Hope You Like It,” “Touch Down,” “Doin’ Me” and “Subliminal Message.” On the track “Break It In” Rekka raps with confidence telling the listener “People think I hit my peak and I ain’t even start yet.” On the song “Doin’ Me” she boasts “If your Rekka Affiliated then your making money too!” There isn’t a bad song on this production. Put the album on and play it on repeat.

Watch The Video ‘Coming For The Crown’ by REKKA

Follow Rekka at @TheRealRekka on all social media platforms.

Visit her Official Website at www.rekkamusic.com

Official Rekka Photos by Casey Lee Demsey/Alpha Visual NorthWest www.alphavnw.com


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